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kiwido is a new Italian cross-media company mainly focused on cultural and social topics and issues

a production and distribution company particularly addressed to
an audience interested arts, cultures and cosmopolitan reality

a video, multimedia and events production addressed to a curious target
demanding for new stimulations and looking for different points of view

music, cinema, theatre, photography, documentaries, short films, animation, video-art,
vjing, in search of new communication channels, new languages and modern fruitions


"Kiwido is doing really beautiful things. Antonello Branca was a forerunner. A really beautiful Dvd accompanied by a precious book, a delightful edition!"
Hollywood Party - Rai Radio 3

"Really excellent publishing ventures from Kiwido: after the films by Antonio Rezza and Flavia Mastrella and Paolo Gioli, they recently published "Seize the Time" by Antonello Branca."
Luca Biscontini, Taxi Drivers

"Normally, we make marginal use of experimental films, given that they are elusive, subterranean and substantially invisible objects. When they offer themselves to the public eye, they are frequently accompanied by their similar, generating a hardly sustainable sensation of congestion. What I mean is that seeing, one after the other (as tends to commonly happen in retrospectives and festivals) Flaming Creatures by Jack Smith, Adebar by Kubelka, Trade Tattoo by Len Lye and Walden by Jonas Mekas, may not be the most appropriate method for paying homage to some cult objects. The digitalization of experimental cinema, while it means losing out on a certain aura, allows this way of conceiving images in movement to find a way of being seen. And this is the road that Kiwido - Federico Carra has taken: producing media (domestic) for viewing experimental cinema. The latter being an elusive concept, «a gasseous state of perception» Deleuze would say, that Kiwido has until today interpreted through the works of Rezza and Mastrella; works that represent the first year and a half of the life of a publishing company that navigates in those territories of moving images which live on the margins of a productive system which is only capable of transmitting boredom."
Alessio Galbiati, Rapporto Confidenziale

"A courageous editor called Federico Carra, from the Kiwido production and distribution house linked to the world of the arts. Kiwido has published, so to speak, a Dvd on Flavia Mastrella and Antonio Rezza’s works entitled “Ottimismo Democratico”, and very few in Italy (it needs to be said) would have done it. The whole operation, worth observing, is in Italian and in English, which demonstrates just how open-minded Carra is."
Dario Zonta, Il Mucchio Selvaggio

"The Rezza-Mastrella couple is undoubtedly one of the most anarchical and elusive realities of contemporary art. So anarchical and elusive (read independent) that, notwithstanding the adoring attitude of both public and critics, that are still strongly labeled as a cult phenomenon, but are far from the large mainstream numbers. The future could, however, compensate us for this absence. Kiwido is releasing, and it was high time, some of the black and white shorts that have contributed to making the couple cult material and which have never been available in home video. The box-set contains twelve of these low-budget shorts and lots of ideas in Dvd, a book of photographs and “Il passato è il mio bastone” which made it to the Venice Film Festival this year."
Sandro Podda, Liberazione

"This month a new house in the world of home videos, Kiwido, is being launched with Federico Carra’s publishing project. Our editorial staff is really curious to see which titles will appear on the catalogue and in the meantime we took a look at the first dvd made by the Roman house, “Ottimismo Democratico” by Flavia Mastrella and Antonio Rezza. A Dvd of generally good quality.The menu, the special contents and the “side elements” of this edition are good, an excellent way to discover these two decidedly original actors."
DVD Italy Webzine

"Kiwido is a new publisher whose publications incorporate a wide range of different art forms, both old and new cultures offering unpublished opportunities through new technologies. The first publication to present itself on the shelves of the Italian video libraries will be the Dvd “Ottimismo Democratico” (Democratic Optimism) by Flavia Mastrella and Antonio Rezza which contains 12 shorts in black and white and the video-path of short films, thought up and produced from 1990 to 1999, ”Il passato è il mio bastone” (The past is my stick), which was presented at the Venice Film Festival. After “Ottimismo Democratico”, which will be presented at the next Roma Film Festival and at the Casa del Cinema, Kiwido will propose different series."
Fernando Iatosti, Cinecittà News




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